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I contributed to a variety of  comic fanzines in the past which I will  refer to in a slide show. They were produced by a scattering of artists and writers  sharing their affection for the stories and artwork of a whole range of comics and genres. Recently, I saw  a copy of “Masters of Infinity” for which I did artwork for the “Moonstone ” comic strip selling on EBAY for  £39.77 . after four bids. The Brian Bolland interview therein  may have had something to do with it but some collectors out there  put a high value on these old magazines.

This one had a 20 pence price tag originally.Many of these old ‘zines have become collectibles because of their relatively short print runs and limited distribution. Back then , they were like the underground comix which could only be bought in specialist shops or by post.There was no internet so a certain effort had to be made.

Below :the Marvel Superheroes appeared on American television in the 1960’s. I can’t remember seeing it at the time in Ireland or the UK. The show obviously could not attempt to compete with the comic readers’ fevered imaginations but it does appear to use some of Jack Kirby and Wally Wood’s style sheets for the look of the characters. They appear to be lifted from the early days of 1960’s Marvel Comics but obviously , with limited animation , aimed at  younger viewers than the comics “heads” and students who were avidly catching on, could not compete with the detail and fore-shortened action of  Kirby’s pages and Wally Wood’s shadowy inking style.


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