john full sizejohn o'connor proofs 1


This artwork was done for a large display stand pertaining to the author John O’Connor’s life and literary work. It will appear as part of the  poet John Hewitt Society’s  International Summer School held annually at the  Armagh Theatre in July.This year there  is a fine display about   John’s literary prowess,  billed as a “Celebration of John O’Connor’s life and work”.


I just saw the printer’s proofs a day or so ago and have decided to go with the jpeg image rather than the raster as the jpeg appears to have saved  more of the colour tones in the painting . To give you some idea of the scale  that the work will appear , the book that I have displayed them on is a huge thing that I made while doing a bit of bookbinding  and each page is the same size as one of the old broadsheet newspapers.It had to be because I bound together some great  American newspaper comic strips from the 1920’s to the 1940’s that I had  stitched  together in a hardback book. It’s a massive heavy tome , like something from the deepest archives.


The blowup -details  from the painting  are the size they will appear in the final display stand.

john o'connor stand 1

john o'connor stand 2

john full size

john o'connor display  full size 2


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