booing the bisgop #2The lecturer, writer and broadcaster , Jude Collins has encouraged me to write stories and discussion pieces for his website over the past while.He should have known better that to encourage me might open the floodgates! I have been contributing pages for some time now  and have written some 400 plus  pieces currently…and rising..That relationship led to him asking me to design the cover of his re-launched  first collection of short stories  as an e-book .He needed it fast as the publisher was breathing down his neck. I came up with a rough design idea , which we tweaked over a morning’s exchange of e-mails. I developed  a collage idea which  I knocked out very quickly, as Jude seemed to be in  such a great hurry.It was was duly used  but didn’t appear on Amazon for another six months. I would have liked to have developed it a little more, in retrospect.The stories are set in the 1950’s so the artwork reflects that. It is currently available for Kindle  only on Amazon and is well worth a read..You may also be able to find an original paperback copy too, with earlier cartoon artwork,  if you are lucky, but it has been out of print for some years now.Look here…

Screen-Shot-2015-10-01-at-16.45.25 (1)


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