Below is a photo of an oil painting from my time at the Jacob Kramer College of Art in Leeds 1972- 1973, a few years after Henry Moore and about a decade or so before Damien Hirst’s tenure there.I remember that Picasso died that springtime while we were getting organised for our foundation final show before each of us headed on to our individual future life choices.

The “GOLLY” painting was one of several large pieces eventually abandoned in a dark basement during one more house move. if memory serves, it was a surreal comic reflection on the absurdity of the then degenerating situation I had gladly abandoned in Belfast and a statement of sorts about war and violence in general.It was about 48 inches square so this is the only remaining photo of its existence from those mad old days. {Unless someone rescued it later on!} 

The drawing of hands by Henry Moore reminded me of an old friend Yan, from my days in Leeds. His mother was quite a dramatic, black clad, old lady back then, some forty years ago.She asked us to look out for her son  and keep him on the straight road. It was quite a mission back then.She  had modelled for Henry Moore and apparently her sculpted hands adorn the frontage a building somewhere in England. On another note ,Yan also went to drama school with Sally Thomsett of “Man about the House ” and “The Railway Children” of television and film  fame. He said it was an experience he would rather not repeat.

The  music videos below are me playing favourites again.

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