The Incredible String Band video is from the Julie Felix Show in the 1960s .The Wizz Jones piece is from the excellent “Acoustic Routes” documentary, an informative record  of the acoustic music movement which evolved in tandem with the re-discovery of roots blues music of the  1960′s. Wizz plays the Incredible String Band’s “The First Girl I Loved” and  one of his own compositions.Following that is the three-part Incredible String Band documentary which helps to bring the Incredibles story up to date .Both Mike Heron and Robin Williamson are both still  touring and can be seen at a venue near you.The video below that is Dinah Washington singing live with the Louis Jordan band. I love the way she phrases a lyric…and who’s that making the intros ?…surely not future Governor of California and President of the USA…one Ronnie Reagan.? You couldn’t make it up.


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