HU  #3 COVER  PGFortunately you’ll be pleased to hear that I have finally been able to replace my long-missing copy of HU # 3 which I am currently scanning for your perusal. Maybe someone will kindly donate scans of  .Merry Marvel Fanzine  #1  to complete Tony Roche’s fanzine set.

My original copy of H.U.# 3 which I’d had since Tony produced it in November 1967, when I was fifteen, was traded away nearly thirty years ago in a moment  of weakness and it has taken these past ten years searching on Ebay to find a replacement copy. These are extremely rare as the print run was very low. When the  Merry Marvel Fanzine began there were probably only about thirty or forty of us, the new breed of die-hard comic fans ,supporting the first few issues. This was all of comc fandom throughout Ireland and the U.K. in those long-ago pre computer and internet days. All communication was done by post within this tightly- knit club. I don’t know how many of these little magazines were regularly produced but I’d imagine the print run was very  low; possibly about 50 -100 copies of eack issue. They were painstakingly hand-made affairs, usually printed and collated by a small group. Any issues which have survived would be in the hands of ageing comic collectors or long since churned into waste years ago.These were supposedly not as valuable as the comics they wrote about. Back then comics were treated as wholly disposable so the idea that they would be worth a lot of money some day would have been scoffed at. Only a few of us had any idea that they were worth keeping.

As I said , my patient search eventually bore fruit but I had to pay £70.00 for my replacement copy of HU# 3. The first three issues of the Merry Marvel Fanzine had a starting bid of £300.00 sterling, so these rare old fanzines are obviously rising in price and value among comic collectors much as the comics did.Unfortunately my finances will not stretch to £300.00 to replace my missing MMF #1 { all three or four pages of it!}, but I hope you will now enjoy the two issues I have and the now  complete run of the legendary “Heroes Unlimited”.

Click on the cover below{ or the two links} to see a full flipbook of this issue in another window.




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