THESE are some of my old cartoons , paintings, graphics and drawings culled from my sketchbooks, folios and files.They go back about 30 years or more .


I would wholeheartedly agree that some of the scripting on the Paddy Kool strips could be construed as not politically correct if not downright sexist by current standards. Looking  through the eyes of someone from that older , less-informed era , no one could have conceived for example, that there would be a blanket ban on smoking cigarettes in public or that it would be possible to buy alcohol cheaper than bottled water. Come to that , it was barely conceivable that people would actually buy something that was easily available free on tap.It can be taken as read that the content does n’t necessarily chime with my own personal beliefs or mindset, or possibly not even John Dakin’s , my co- creator at times but we were thankful to be allowed to express other ideas unexpurgated. The later Paddy Kool  strips were aimed at a market that was perceived to have those qualities..i.e. the popular red top  press and it’s projected audience.The characters were then written and drawn  to appeal to that mindset. It was not really our field but we saw it as an avenue to explore and perhaps even make a little money . Of course there was an underlying satirical slant too in that in the content filmic and popular newspaper comic strip cliches were being willfully bent to carry the continuities and punchlines had to be reached. A lot of the newspaper strips of the time such as “George and Lynne” also featured attractive partially clothed women in the wake of the liberating 1960’s and 1970’s as a way to attract greater audiences, so that was the competition we had to explore..The  same kind of thing went into the scripting of series such as”The Sopranos”where thirty years later  expectations  of violence,sexuality, profanity and black humour were doubly amplified to comic effect for the times.Humour is a complicated thing to analyse and dissect. As the Paddy Kool character was being developed  from a one page underground strip format, we knew that he could not stand alone . He needed other characters to react against. In the underground strips he began as a sort of idiot savant, something akin to the Peter Sellers’ character in the film “Being There”, but for “overground” consumption he had to have a comic foil  in the form of his sidekick Herman.In the manner of all double acts from Laurel and Hardy down, Herman had to be even sillier than Paddy.The female characters were to be even ditzier. Obviously they would have to be made attractive in a Goldie Hawn /Lucille Ball  way. We also had to remember that in terms of a “funny animal ” strip, they were the only human characters on board in this surreal world of talking animals This small conceit was to be used for satiric and comic effect. The villianous characters were to be deranged cartoon animals too….anything from belligerent bulldogs to sneaky snakes. The point is these characters existed in a world other than the known human universe where human rules and laws could be stood on their proverbial heads. Nowadays , with political correctness rife , the Nanny State protecting all of us from our darker selves, humour itself is under attack.Everyone cries foulplay when the unwitting dupe slips on the many banana skins, so it is quite possible that the anarchic theatrics of the Marx Brothers or Laurel and Hardy could some day be banned from public consumption  or edited and gelded  into some easily consumed pablum that neither offends anyone or makes them raise a laugh.There are so many sacred cows that it might be made an offence to think  ungodly and unholy thoughts never mind have a laugh at someone else’s expense. Look what happened to the cartoonist who poked a little fun at  some god – worrier.[As if a god’s inferiority complex was under threat!]Have a word with David Attenborough or Richard Dawkins with those questions and see how far you get.It might become a very dry ‘ unfunny world in the future,so feel free to raise a chuckle while you still can……Even if it is politically incorrect.

Click on the smaller thumbnail illustrations for a blowup version.


2 Responses to MY COMIX

  1. hi there / i was looking 2 find marry marvel fanzines for sale & came across your name.
    i love submariner & on the irish comics wiki is a m.m.f., with namor on it…
    its posted by paddykool, so i hope you could get me some info on this issue.
    thank you kindly

    • admin says:

      Hi there . it’s paddykool himself here . The Merry Marvel Fanzine you see is my issue number three.I will eventually upload all the MMF for all to see. I’ve already scanned and uploaded Heroes Unlimited #1 and 2 complete and more will follow. I’ve long since lost MMF #1 so I need either a copy or scans of that one as well as Heroes Unlimited #3. The MMF issue was the last one before Tony started Heroes Unlimited way back in 1967. The cover was hand coloured by Ges Cleaver and Robert Poole who had way too much time on their hands.. None of my fanzines are for sale unfortunately and they are very difficult to find so as Dez Skinn says , someone’s gotta preserve these things for posterity so it looks like I’m it. Keep checking the site and see how I get on ..Any feedback is much appreciated. Harry

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