June  2013

Just had to remind everyone that the June issue of Liverpool’s music magazine BIDO LITO has been dedicated to Mabel Wren McAvinchey Roberts, my first lovely little grandchild.mabel in bido lito # 1

May 2013

Hello everyone.To begin , let me clear up the mess.

The original paddykool.com site is now defunct, finis… etc. ,for a variety of reasons, so paddykool2 is now the main event .The old “profile” site still appears to exist online since the days of wind-up internet so it remains like a piece of untouched space hardware until it disappears up it’s own fundament. You can treat it as an old book at the back of the library.Take a nostalgic peek now and then. Paddykool on Facebook is the daily gossip sheet.


  There’s always a ready link at the top of the LINKS  sidebar  to connect you to any of my sites from the past and also to try out some of my favourites. The original site “the Profile” still appears to exist in cyber space like one of those lost 1950’s sci-fi bits of ancient rocketry beyond time and age. Having recently re-discovered its existence , I’ve also recently found that I’ve been posted on“Wikia” as an Irish underground cartoonistfrom the 1960’s and 1970’s so it’s good to see that I still have a presence on the web. Hopefully this new site will allow for easier uploading and i’ll be able to expand some of the imput using music and animation as originally planned.Check out the paddykool presentations page .

emmylou and kelly

May 2013 Paul K. gets to grips with the lovely Emmylou Harris after her Belfast gig.

MARCH 2012 :

Here’s a little Tex Avery classic cat cartoon for the gang in Liverpool:


JANUARY 2012 :

Breaking news that Louis Wildeyes has just become a fully paid up member of the gang and is making his first public appearance here on paddykool.com Proud parents Huw and Emma are very happy. ..see below:


MARCH 2011

Bob Dylan‘s former girlfriend Suze Rotolo has died aged 67.

Rotolo, who passed away last Thursday (February 24), went out with Dylan in the early 60s, and was the inspiration for some of his best-known songs including ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right’, ‘Tomorrow Is A Long Time’ and ‘Boots Of Spanish Leather’.
She appears alongside
Dylan on the cover of his 1963 album ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’

Rotolo is also credited with turning Dylan onto politics, as well as influencing his painting.
According to Village Voice, Rotolo died of a long-term illness at her New York home. Sh
e is survived by her husband of 40 years, Enzo Bartoccioli.

Rotolo rarely discussed Dylan in public, although she did take part in Martin Scorsese‘s 2005 documentary No Direction Home, and wrote a memoir about her youth called A Freewheelin’ Time’ in 2008.


Paddykool would like to make it plainly known that he fully supports the peoples’ revolution currently burning across North Africa. Despite appearances to the contrary, his stay in North Africa over Christmas and New Year,just past, has scant connection to  the ensuing,much -reported,civil and human rights uproar blossoming across the region some mere weeks after his departure back to Ireland.For the record , he enjoyed his stay immensely, having great regard for the people , food ,music and mint tea. Notwithstanding the fact that even the excellent vegan   restaurant in Marrakech  couldn’t rise to sourcing the obligatory rider of peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the world’s only vegetarian canine, he soon put foodie pre-conditions aside  and tucked into  the amazing variety of fabulous food choices Marrakech city had to offer and was soon merrily munching away at his lemon chicken tagine completely unconcerned.His appearance in North Africa and supposed involvement in any revolutionary behaviour was purely coincidental or can be put down entirely to temporal or mental  osmosis.

Put the revolution down to the karmic wheel slowly turning. After all it took the dawg over forty years to finally reach Morocco after hearing Crosby ,Stills and Nash singing “Marrakech Express” on that first album back in the 1960’s.. The wonderful Atlas Mountains were worth the wait….”…stretchy leathers we can wear at home”……indeed !

FEBRUARY 2011 : It’s reading like an obituary column but I have to make mention of the recent death of composer John Barry who was  very much an influential part of the 1960’s backdrop,and on, with his life and music.His  beautiful orchestrations on Nancy Sinatra’s “You Only Live Twice” for the James Bond film soundtrack, always brings me back  to my fifteen year old self , summer seaside  camping in Newcastle in Summer 1967 . Kevin , Liam, Tony and Brian on our first holiday away alone… sandwiches and beer up the mountain overlooking the sea…broken arms in the sand dunes !! That music was part of the back drop to all of that. Then there was Louis Armstrong’s last recorded “We Have All the Time In The World” for another Bond movie and many more, not forgetting the “Midnight Cowboy” soundtrack.A real one-off.

Also, Irish guitarist Gary Moore, of Skid Row and Thin Lizzy fame has gone the way of Phil Lynott and the late lamented bluesman, Rory Gallagher .Another teenage hero sadly gone.


FEBRUARY 2011 : Just back from Liverpool.Am now in recovery! Too much good food and wine as usual !! Touched base with the girls and Dave and re-connected with Huw and Neal .Their band THE WILD EYES is beginning to raise a few waves , buoyed up with  a rave review  and complimentary feature in the Liverpool Music Zine “BIDO LITO” the boys are girding their loins for great things. The passion and potential is all there already. See the complete feature on their new page above in the  drop down menu and follow the links for a taste of their rampant psychedelia.

18 th JANUARY 2011 : ” KILLING BONO”  NEWS… Try and spot Sara and Sheena’s turn as extras when the film finally airs..sadly Pete Postlewaithe’s final film role…The trailer is out on YouTube here:


JANUARY 2011 Sad to hear of the recent death ofCAPTAIN BEEFHEART. One of the great blues innovators . I really got to love and appreciate him in the late 1960’s / early 1970’s. I saw him and the Magic Band several times back in the early 1970’s and still treasure his great albums. His was a music and poetry which stands the test of time and keeps on giving. Sure he was perceived as being too weird for his own good but like the Velvet Underground, his conspiracy wove an influence through less – travelled routes. Where would Tom Waits have got the nerve without the good Captain?An artist, a musician and an innovator. Rest in peace with sweet dreams of an octafish. Check out these links below….


Read Tom Waits’ personal tribute to one of his great influences below..


More bad news : Just heard today of the death of another old acquaintance. Rodney Hope died just before Christmas .His death was reported in the local press in Armagh and also in the Louisville, Kentucky papers.


I left my own memory of  Rodney below,



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