I see Arlene Foster , the one-time First Minister and Queen of Norneverland , has popped -up again after awakening from another three -month sleep where she’d lain comatose right through the recent elections , awaiting a prince to come along and kiss her awake. It had been a long wait and it might have gone on forever until a foolish courtier dropped a breakfast tray as he slunk past her door….the crashing sounds of that cymbal-like tray, wobbling and rattling to stillness , alongside broken and shattered crockery,eggs , toast and teaspoons, echoed down throughout the corridor….
While in this self-induced coma, where she has been represented and deputised during debates by her hangdog, Deputy Dodds and her wee friend , ex- part-time soldier, Sir Jeffrey ,in case she might have shattered the credibility of her party.She didn’t know when and where not to open and shut her mouth…. and they couldn’t quite fit her with a witch’s scold , to quieten her either.She had become so forgetful . In consequence,in her absence, her party, the DUP had a great old time at their election ,as did their nemesis Sinn Fein. The DUP scared the bejasus out of the unionist community with the idea that the “Union” was in danger if they didn’t get a great big turn-out.That was enough to put their paramilitary admirers in the UDA and UVF on a war -footing and help to get their vote out.Of course “the Union” is in the same danger. It always has been in and always will be in. That goes without saying. In truth it has never been in as much danger before , but it might just last a few years until it eventually crumbles under the weight of its own foolishness. The DUP have now risen as high as they will ever be able …or allowed to rise ever again. There is nowhere else to go from these dizzy heights but to fall slowly……
The DUP are now in the process of making their position and their precious Union’s future , even more untenable by going to the Tories with a large and very obvious Begging Bowl. This is causing some consternation across the water in the Mother of Parliaments,of course . The DUP hold the power of ten seats in a weak and hung parliament . Before this brouhaha , no one in England had heard much about the DUP, but now the subjects are playing catch-up very quickly and the backroom Tories, the Labour Party . the populace and the national press have not been kind to Arlene and her friends.Words such as” horrific”, and “ghastly” are tripping out on tongues with some regularity from the chattering classes and the tappers of keyboards in the press rooms oof the land . The cartoonists can barely contain their glee at their good fortune. Is it coincidental that Gerry Scarfe, the Sunday Times ‘ acid pensmith supreme , has hung up his crowquill and indian ink after fifty years ,in this very week. He has already said it all ,I suppose. What has stunned the general populace even more than the mention of the UDA, the UVF, the Orange Order, racism, homophobia and general all round ancient bigotry is the colossal size of that now unmissable Begging Bowl .They hadn’t realised how very well -subsidised were the denizens of the ancient land of Norneverland .It was more than they’d been paying out to the EU apparently….and here were these ultra right -wing paddies looking for “more!” ,like a scene out of Dickens’”Oliver Twist”. some might dimly remember Prime Minister Harold Wilson referring to them as “spongers” but surely that was long-ago and far-away.”Were we still paying for this lot ?”, they asked…..”all these years later?”Jeezis …we were paying for them even before the EU!!!

Arlene has barely been awake again for a week or two and she ‘s just today discovered that she had also written a letter in another of her her sleep-ins ,some time ago (2015, actually) of which she has no memory of at all. Apparently she wrote to a minister of the Scottish Parliament with reference to her dislike of same -sex marriage. The tone of the letter suggests that she might not want everyone to enjoy the stability of marriage .In fact ,her apparent wish was to deny parity of esteem and fairness to anyone who wasn’t heterosexual.That has naturally angered the gay community.
Well , let’s face it,we all know her and her party’s opinions on this topic and many other notions of equality and we also know that her memory on many occasions has been shown to be so faulty that her brain must be almost considered a unique organ for even a working politician to own.The letter which she didn’t seem to recognise was published today in all its fullness to remind her.Of course she’ll continue to deny she wrote it at all.I suppose you could argue that point if you did it while sleeping or sleep-walking. A good lawyer might make a case out of that one . …or you might simply call it a fake in this era of “Fake News”…
Did I mention that she never had anything to do with that RHI “Cash For Ash” scandal , either? She In fact she can’t remember anything from the past ten years. Go on …ask her any question you fancy…she’ll not have a clue what you’re talking about…


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Welcome to my offshoot paddykool site.

 I started this satellite site in the wake of the crash. Both sites ran concurrently for a while but now paddykool2 is the main event and will maintain the integrity of the original idea ,hopefully. Items will be added randomly.  Day to day gossip will fill in the spaces at paddy kool on facebook [see link bar above ]


Anyone who caught Neil Young’s gig at Slane Castle in Ireland in the Summer 1993 will be saddened at news of the death of Stax stalwart Donald “Duck ” Dunn,bass man extraordinaire It was good to see Neil on such fine form , but to have a backing group of the calibre of Booker T. and the MGs and support by Pearl Jam was  icing on a very tasty cake. They even played their old mate Otis Redding’s “Dock of the Bay” which they had provided backing for way back in the 1960’s.Duck follows Otis over forty years later .Another great one goes down. 

Below you can see a little animated film I found on Bhob Stewart’s excellent site:

Moonbot Gumbo in Shreveport

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011) by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg, was produced by Moonbot Studios in Shreveport. It won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Set in New Orleans, the 15-minute film references Hurricane Katrina, Buster Keaton, Jules Verne and more. Moonbot’s future projects appear to be equally imaginative.

“The Wild Eyes single launch live @ Mello Mello Liverpool 12/5/1012” 



I’m following these on SOUNDCLOUD


I Look Good On You single launch party

To celebrate the release of their debut single on 7″ vinyl THE WILD EYES are throwing a do at Mello Mello, Liverpool with

BY THE SEA and THE LOUD also playing live and and excellent tunes being spun all night. It’s £4 on the door and everyone gets a copy of the single ‘I Look Good On You’ b/w ‘Too Much’ by The Wild Eyes on lovely vinyl. You’ll get a download code too. Doors are at 7pm ’til 2am.  ——


Your hosts, rock and roll weirdos playing pysch-garage-groovers:




Sad news for all the old MONKEES fans out there as Davy Jones slips off this mortal coil at a relatively young age.This lovely old JACK DAVIS illustration [He of EC comics and Mad magazine fame] caught the Monkee madness of the time in those dayglo 1960’s .Davy was the cute one…a little too cute for the guys, maybe, but a talented part of the four- headed teen monster that the Monkees became. They had a great anarchic Marx Brothers / Beatles inspired show and some really solid pop  tunes from some of the best pop writers. They were never going to be” credible” but they made a great fist at pure pop entertainment and subtle insubordination and gradually developed into a good pop band when they took hold of their own destiny and began creating their own music. Revolutionaries for the teenies and MAD magazine fans. They managed to make Jimi Hendrix look like the anti-christ when he supported them on tour and in doing so gave him some excellent publicity. So goodbye Davy Jones,You made your mark.This is one of my favourites, “Porpoise Song” from their film “HEAD” which they made with Jack Nicholson. Below that is the wonderful “Bad Luck Blackie” by Tex Avery for all the cat minders out there and in remembrance of that little pirate Jazz who unfortunately used up all his allowance recently. There’s much talk of the long awaited film of the HOBBIT and there will doubtless be a huge publicity campaign to drum up follow-up business to this Lord of the Rings “prequel”.I’m looking forward to seeing how our own thespian Irishman, Jimmy Nesbitt, handles his Tolkien role. I’ve been a big fan of Tolkien’s sword and sorcery  since my long lost schooldays of fifty years ago and was n’t surprised that the books and styles became totems of the psychedelic society of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.The Incredible String Band epitomised the “look” with beards , velvet and leather and long flowing hair.It harked back to an imagined time of romantic valour and a medieval view of good , evil and other- worldiness. It also percolated into the music , with bands like Led Zeppelin and Fairport Convention and artists like  Sandy Denny sharing the sensibility in songs like “the Battle of Evermore”. With the new pervading technology and mastery of CGI,  it eventually became possible for the right creative mind [Jackson} to gather the right artists and put these fantastical visions onto the cinema and video  screen so that I could again enjoy it with my children a generation later. That said, I have never come across this great animated film version of the Hobbit by Gene Deitch from 1966.That’s the guy who is associated with many excellent and anarchic animated cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and who is the father of the great underground cartoonist, Kim Deitch ….keep up !!}.I picked up the link from the great Bhob Stewart’s POTRZEBIE pages. {Always a bottomless source and a fund of interesting and unusual  information since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s  when I first came across his name associated to EC comics and the underground comics / fanzine press. View it here and check out the Gene Deitch link for background information about the film.  


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